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Hengfeng International Company Introduction

Hengfeng International is a licensed Canadian immigration consultancy with ICCRC. Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta. We are specialized in various immigration & education consulting programs. Our service includes British Columbia & Alberta Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, BC Business Immigration Program etc.

Our service area include engineers, technical workers, business managers, and low-skill workers that qualify for BC or Alberta provincial nominee program. Our founders are first generation immigrants. We have personal experience with immigration process. We would like to help new immigrant to find proper ways to realize your Canadian dream and move to Canada successfully. We will help you properly such as preparing proper application on time, choosing a great community to settle down, selecting great college or university to study, and planning a wonderful career path. Our founder has attended immigration consulting diploma program from Ashton College, and has obtained RCIC certification after successfully passing ICCRC license exam.

From cost perspective, we will always recommend Federal Skilled Worker program if you may qualify. This is first option that every new applicant should have in their mind. This program is very stable, with streamlined process. And it requires no upfront investment, and the applicant gains permanent resident status immediately upon landing on Canada after successful approval.

For low-skilled workers, BC or Alberta provincial nominee program will be a great choice. This option requires very low educational qualification requirement. As long as you have working experience in BC or Alberta, you may be eligible to apply. We can assist you prepare your work visa if you have found an employer who is willing to offer you full time job. And we can also help you prepare for permanent resident application after you have worked for your employer for half a year.

If you cannot qualify for skilled worker program or Alberta provincial nominee program, we will strongly recommend you to come to study in Canada. Immigration is a long process, and you are going to have a new life in Canada, there are so many things to learn. Beginning with study in Canada will lift up your qualification and simplify your application. We can assist you in study visa application.

For established business owners and investors, there are many business programs to choose from.

Currently we are recommending these programs, such as owner operator LMIA program, federal Start Up Visa (SUV) program, and also BCPNP British Columbia provincial business stream immigration program. We can help you analyze the pros and cons of these program and find out the best solution for you.

Depending on where you want to live in Canada, we can advise you a proper way to establish your branch or subsidiary business in Canada and obtain your work permit or permanent resident application.

We also deal with other immigration and visa issues, contact us to require a quote and we would like to help you achieve your goal.

Hengfeng International

Address: Suite 2000, 125 9 Avenue SE,

Calgary, AB T2G 0P6

Telephone: 587-997-1368